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Due to the lack of transport, the Cuban has been forced to create alternatives not only to be able to move. but also, as a business to survive. The “Taxi-bike” is one of them. This is what we call this vehicle invented by some Cubans, based on a common bicycle, but it does not follow a specific line, is marked by the raw material that could be collected for this purpose, that is why a taxi-bike can have bicycle wheels, or some other light car, bus seats, or a car, which gives the vehicle a certain distinction, and makes it preferred over the others.

In general, they all retain the bicycle's own rudder, the brake is not yet defined, it can be by hand, standing, or by means of a lever installed in the frame. Its scope is urban passenger transport, especially for sightseeing tours around the city.

Story Of a Man and His Taxi-bike


Newspaper, charcoal and acrylic paint on canvas

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